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RFID System

Edunext introduced a new safety feature which ensure the child's safety in school premises. Edunext safety solution used Cloud Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tracking for monitoring students attendance in the school premises. The system ensure that students are under surveillance right from the time they enter the premises. As soon as the student passes through the Smart Gate Reader, an SMS will be triggered automatically to the parents mobile. SMS system whichs ends automatic SMS notification as soon as the student arrives/departs from the school. The system has a well-developed web based inter face, which is capable of real time monitoring & reporting.
The solution eliminates the need of human interference, in order to operate the hardware. The attendance captured is registered immediately.
The web login is empowered with robust MIS reports with graphical dashboards. Edunext's RFID System is a user friendly Biometric Student Attendance System for Schools. It is one of the most efficient Online Student Attendance System for Schools.

rfid system


Item Specification
Frequency Impinj Speedway Revolution

UHF LONG Range 860 to 960 MHZ

Interface RJ 45, RS 232 / RS-485
Reading Distance 2.8METER

Automated Performance 24/7 Patented Auto Pilot capability to automatically optimize performance
Senses &, Adapts to Environment Impinj Autopilot technology automatically optimizes the reader's operation for its environment

Max Read Rate Up to 1,100 tag reads per second
OS Supported Windows/Linux/Android
Compatible Memory 16MB Flash Memory,512KB SRAM

Data Logging Facility, Internal LED Indication

Environment IP Rating: IP 52
Operating Temperature -20 °C to +50 °C (-4 °F to +122 °F)


Benefits of Edunext RFID:

  • Quick & Easy to use.
  • Cheaper and more effective than sending a letter or making a phone call.
  • Reduces staff workloads, send bulk SMS in seconds.
  • Improves student attendance.
  • Reduces unexplained absences and latest.
  • Improves school communication with parents.
  • Flexible sending options i.e. full flexible control of when messages are sent.
  • Send personalized SMS messages.
  • Inventory and Stock Management.
  • Logistic and Warehouse Management.
  • Great for emergency broadcasts (e.g. Floods, Bushfires etc.) and quick communication (e.g. Sports Day Cancelled, Parent reminders, Excursion Late Bus etc.)

Edunext RFID In Action

Edunext Rfid System test

Available on Monthly Subscription

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