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Student Attendance

Attending school has always been very important for the students to gain what they vie for. Several parents and the school on the whole has always faced some grave concerns when it comes to attendance. But that is the talk of the yore.

Our Student Attendance Module covers all the aspects related to attendance and what is inspiring is the fact that the reports are available readily for the school and parents of individual students. Through this module, the attendance can be recorded on the following bases viz. daily, first half and second half, subject-wise and period-wise.

The school gets a Dashboard view with the list of students who are absent for more than three days with an option of sending SMS to the parents. Moreover, the school authorities may view Dashboard with daily attendance that can be filtered to section and student level respectively.

Further, the concerned authorities may keep a track of the classes for which attendance is not recorded for any particular day.

There are some more important features included in the module namely SMS and Mobile Application notification to the parents of absentees. What is interesting is the fact that the attendance can be recorded by teachers via Mobile Application.

Additionally, the leave applications, approvals, and refusals can be managed via Mobile Application and the school’s website. The module has seamless integration with transport, gate pass and examination report card functionalities.

It is highly important for the Principal and the members from Top Management to analyse attendance statistics and this module has this option with graphical representation. In addition to this, the teachers may print Monthly Attendance Register with percentages.

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